Having actually lived in Maylands some years ago I immediately took notice of the news of a gruesome double murder in that suburb. My immediate assumption was that it was drug related and that seems to have been the case. Apparently the perpetrator was a heroin addict who had recently managed to kick his addiction, then relapsed.

Sadly, Maylands does seem to be one of the Perth suburbs where these terrible events occur comparatively often. I assumed it happened somewhere on the eastern side of the railway line, towards the river, since that is where most of the big and more downmarket units are, and where you get that mix of economic deprivation and drug abuse that sometimes leads to such crimes. But it was actually on the other side, close to Mt Lawley.

In any case I had reason to go into the city today so I stopped by early this afternoon and took some photos. Even though the killer had been apprehended by that time, part of the street on which it occurred, Tenth Avenue, was cordoned off. So too was one side of the steps leading up onto the Maylands Railway Station platform and a couple of police were in attendance. Presumably the killer left a trail of evidence as he went to catch a train.

I walked up to Coode Street and turned right. There were a few cops as well as a couple of news crews there. One of the police was explaining to people that the street was blocked, and why. Apparently some people who lived there were quite angry that they were not allowed to return home.

An attractive young reporter appeared to be putting the finishing touches to her makeup prior to filming a report. That's always fascinated me about the media. No news is good news, as they say. It's often to do with violence and death. Yet it's always communicated to us by someone young and good looking, often a woman.

At the Railway Parade end of the street there were more cops. As far as I know the actual block in which the murder occurred was the three storey one closest to the trees in this shot. It's known as being a haunt for drug dealers, apparently.

As you can see from the photos it was a pleasant and mostly sunny day. That just made the whole scene seem more incongruous.