I get around Perth a lot, and there's nothing I like more than sitting in a nice cafe, logging onto the internet and updating my blogs, engaging on social media, or just reading the news. I do have a good wireless internet subscription (it's with Beagle Internet and I can recommend them without reservation). But since so many cafes offer free wifi now I figure I might as well use theirs from time to time. 

And now we're even more spoiled in this regard with the recent introduction of free wifi covering the whole CBD. Actually I'm using that now, in the third floor food hall in Carillon City Arcade -- which has its own dedicated hotspot, too!

The service I've used most recently is the one provided by Dome cafes. It's usually very good, and quite fast. The only issues I've had so far have been minor -- such as being unable to log in with Firefox in the Northbridge branch. But when I changed over to Chrome, it was fine. So that was just something to do with the settings in that particular location.

Dome cafes offer another advantage: They usually contain several electrical outlets that you're free to use. Considering how difficult it is to keep all your laptop batteries fully charged, this is a real bonus.