Dennis Jensen, the member for Tangney, is the latest politician to be embroiled in a Twitter storm. He was involved in some snarkiness on the subject of colonialism:

The Tangney MHR told TheKooriWoman to “get over” colonialism, saying “every country in the world has been successfully invaded in the past!” in a tweet yesterday.

“Do I snap my fingers and forget 213 years of oppression Mr Jensen?,” she replied.

His comeback was: “So you have personally lived 213 years? Work out ways to maximise your own life experiences, you can’t for deceased ancestors”.

“I don’t expect people to forget, but I do expect people to move one (sic) in life, rather than simply being victims,” he added.

I think what he said was perfectly reasonable. And it's what most sensible people, regardless of their race, actually believe anyway.

However, thanks to the toxic, censorious atmosphere created by the politically correct Left, people are afraid of expressing this sentiment. It really is the "elephant in the room" when it comes to racial politics in this country.
The fact that SBS labels the tweets "racist" in themselves says it all.

While it's completely understandable that Aboriginal people feel aggrieved about the past, surely there's a point at which they must move on from it if they are to have better lives. Bitterness and regret aren't in the least empowering. They will cripple you psychologically and ruin your physical health as well.

Yet these toxic emotions are what the mostly white middle class socialists who have dominated policy in this area for several decades are utterly determined Aborigines must feel, and constantly. Part of the way they achieve this is to perpetuate this lie about anger being empowering. ("Maintain the rage" and all that.) These sinister manipulations have proven very effective, so countless Aborigines are trapped in this awful sense of victimhood.

That's the most widespread and entrenched form of racism that's going on this country now. Smug, privileged, finger-wagging whites wouldn't tell members of their own race to feel so aggrieved now would they? If they did all the Aussies of Irish descent would be demanding compensation from those with British ancestors -- and there'd be a plethora of other retrospective claims as well.

There's clearly a racist double standard being applied here. And the Anglo lefties benefit, while the Indigenous people are screwed over once again. It's a kind of subtle apartheid. Sure, it's got a smiley face badge whopped on it. But it's the same revolting idea: divide people according to race and create and perpetuate enmity between them.

The only way we can rise above racism is to treat people equally and as individuals who are responsible for their actions. To apply different standards according to race will only ever perpetuate the problem.

A quote that I think was attributed to Jesse Jackson (although I haven't been able to confirm through Googling) is applicable here. It goes something like this:

If someone knocks you to the ground, that's his fault. But if you don't get back up, it's yours.

Clearly we live in a bizarre society when such obviously good advice is not only seen as wrong, but racist as well!