I lived in Maylands in 2006-2007. It was quite different then. Not exactly a flash part of Perth, the main drag of Eighth Ave was pretty low key and almost run down. 

Lately, though, there have been some big changes such as the big new library and community centre being built nearby. Upmarket units have been constructed in recent years, most notably on the corner of Eighth and Whatley. As a result the suburb is becoming more attractive to young professionals. 

Eighth Ave itself has a much more colourful, vibrant feel than it used to. Many of its buildings have been refurbished or at least repainted. One of them that stands out is the Church of Christ.

I never really noticed it before. Maybe it always looked the same but I doubt it. I went past there recently and it seems to have had a wash! And the steps have been painted a bright welcoming blue and yellow. It's an old building but it manages to project a fresh vibe.