As I mentioned in a previous post, Christmas here in Perth always seems odd. We are bombarded with all this northern hemisphere winter imagery at the hottest time of the year. And a recent local event adds sinister absurdity to the general incongruity.

See, a bloke dressed as Santa Claus robbed the post office on Wanneroo Rd in Tuart Hill. It lends itself to humour, but it must have been anything but funny for the staff involved.

And I'm sure the cops who nabbed the alleged perpetrator weren't laughing either:

Police received information from the public and discovered the costume in a storm water drain in Tuart Hill before a vehicle of interest was identified.

Mirrabooka police located the vehicle in Osborne Park and carried out a "high risk vehicle stop at gun point".

Two men were apprehended. One of the men allegedly caused an injury above the eye to one of the officers by gouging his face.