One thing that I've always found amusing about living in Australia is the incongruity of celebrating Christmas here. As we all know the tradition comes from the northern hemisphere and is held in midwinter. So all the attendant imagery relates to that area and season: snow, reindeer, sleighs, etc.

But Down Under it's the hottest time of the year! And Perth in particular is famous for its summer heat -- as well as its beautiful clear blue skies. Of course, local Christmas-phobes find this even more reason to loathe the ritual. But I don't mind this aspect at all. On the contrary, I think it adds to the charm. The weather introduces a surreal element that makes it all the more unique, and therefore memorable.

Of course Christmas is a little way off since it's still November. But yuletide decorations have been up for a while in the Perth CBD already. I took these snaps on a couple of days recently when the weather was just beautiful.

Christmas day itself may well have sky as clear and blue as that seen in these shots -- although it will probably be a good deal hotter as well.