The cost of eating out in Perth can be pretty extreme. In recent years there have been a few media reports about this unfortunate aspect of living here.

However there are a still few places you can get a good tasty feed for a bargain place. One of them is well established. That's Govinda's in Northbridge. They sell delicious curries in the weekday evenings for only five bucks. 

Another place that is less well known is East West Cuisine in Raine Square. This new complex is right in the heart of the city just off Wellington St, near the Horseshoe Bridge.

The self serve meals are cheap at all times. But what happens in the late afternoon is they start to pre-pack them and lower the price even more so they don't have to throw away food. You can get a tasty curried chicken and rice for only four bucks. Definitely worth remembering if you're in the city around that time and get peckish.