I'm sure you've been wondering whatever happened to Carmen Lawrence. Well, she did what many feminist politicians do after their disastrous reigns. She retreated to the halls of quackademe.

It's a well worn path, this. Natasha Stott-Despoja did it. Same with Julia Gillard. And what has Professor Lawrence been doing there in her ivory tower at UWA? Well, as well as making other po-faced PC pronouncements she's been calling for more feminists to be installed in positions of power, of course! 

Her latest public exhortation: to replace outgoing WA Governor Malcolm McCusker with a female, saying“It would make sense to have a well regarded and respected woman in that role."

Well, by her own criterion, she's just disqualified herself ... 

One thing I find amusing about these drearily predictable calls for more female appointments is how they are worded. Clearly sexist, they purport to be anything but. Perth's current Lord Mayor gives us a textbook example of this feminist doublespeak

Mrs Scaffidi said irrespective of gender, it’s a case of who is available and considered the best choice for the role at the time.

“The issue of gender and whether it is time for a female should not be the priority, but it is noteworthy that females are seen to fill the role and demands of this position easily in other states and therefore can and should be equally considered along with the males,” she said.

In other words: "It's all about gender. I want a woman in the role. But I'm not elevating gender above ability. No, really, I'm not."

Yeah, right. And night is day, right is wrong, and two plus two equals five ... 

Still, I take solace in the fact that while these relentlessly right-on demands are as annoying as they are predictable, they could be worse. Imagine if local animal rights activists took over. They may well be demanding that the next Governor not only be a female, but a shark as well!