I've been dropping into the Cambridge International Food Court from time to time recently. And I've always been struck by how crowded it is -- even in the evenings. Most of the dining halls around the city are half empty most of the time, after all.

It's particularly good for families because there's a fenced area with a slide and other structures for the kids to play in. Also, there are several stalls that make some really good filling meals for little cost. You could easily feed a family of four for sixty bucks, or even less. Then there's the fact that you can bring your own alcohol. Some nights I've gone there and seen maybe a third of the diners enjoying wine with their meals.

All these factors combine to give the place a bustling, warm atmosphere. Definitely worth visiting if you're looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to take the kids, or just catch up with friends over a meal.

About the only downside I can think of is the location. It's a bit inconvenient if you don't have a car. It is on a main road that leads to the city (Cambridge St Wembley) but the buses along it are infrequent during the day. And they actually stop completely at about eightish, I think. The closest train station is Subiaco, a good fifteen to twenty minutes brisk walk away.