A week and half ago (on the last day of September) I was walking down Great Eastern Highway in Rivervale. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was a lot of roadwork being done. I decided to take a few shots of it for this blog. The Great Eastern Motor Lodge is a landmark on that particular stretch of the highway so I took a photo of it.

Recently the body of a murder victim called Mite Naumovski was discovered in the boot of a car left in the building's car park. It appears he was murdered on the 25th of September and his body dumped there soon after. (This report from the 7th of this month says that police believe it was there for "at least a week".) That means that it's almost certain it was there on the day I took the shot, which creeps me out somewhat.

Of course violence and murder are disturbing and sad no matter when and where they occur. And no city is immune to these things, of course. But the fact that Perth is such a sunny, pretty place makes such events seem all the more surreal.

UPDATE: I've removed the photo mentioned above because it was appearing in a business related search and causing negative ramifications. Nothing to do with the event described above, ironically. Something else. 

More confirmation of the amazing power of Google, and how it works in mysterious ways ...