It's around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning. Close to midnight I was watching TV in my Mosman Park flat and I heard this loud screeching sound followed by a bang that came from the direction of Stirling Highway. Clearly a car had lost contol near the train station and hit an oncoming car or a wall.

I thought it best to have a look because if it was a serious crash and someone was hurt I may have been able to help somehow. It turned out not to be serious, thankfully. But it easily could have been.

Basically, a car lost control on the highway and went through a fence and down an embankment and came to rest, along with wood from the fence, right next to a block of flats. The residents of those units must have gotten the fright of their lives.

The car's occupants left the scene. Either they owned the car and didn't want to hang around for some reason (maybe they'd been drinking?). Or perhaps the car was stolen ...

There was a small crowd looking at the result. Some of them were occupants of the apartment block. It was a bizarre occurrence and I thought it was worth recording here so I took the short walk home and returned with my camera. The shots I took show just how narrowly the car's occupants escaped serious injury or even death.