Ben Wyatt has weighed in on Dennis Jensen's recent controversial comments on Twitter:

WA opposition spokesman for Aboriginal affairs Ben Wyatt said Mr Jensen had made a stale, facile and low-grade contribution to the debate, which had moved on to how much was being spent on indigenous people in hospitals and prisons.

Native title agreements had for many years focused on economic development and education outcomes, he said.

"He might want to do some research and reading to catch up,'' Mr Wyatt said.

"It's something you would have expected MPs to say 20 years ago. He's embarrassed himself.''

Note that he's accused Jensen of being "behind the times". That's a favourite tactic of the "progressive" Left. They use it whenever they don't have a strong argument (which is most of the time).

His worldview is bolstered by his arrogant, elitist fellow travellers in his party, the media and academe. Caught in a bubble of moral vanity, Wyatt believes that his views are widely supported in the community, and that those still afflicted with "incorrect thought" will be "attitudinally reconstructed" in time.

What he doesn't realize is that the majority of Aussies are sick to death of the politically correct racism that he espouses. And that includes a great many people who support his party.

Wyatt is clearly one of the hand-wringing finger-waggers in Labor. His focus is on policies regarding race, but there are many others with radical ideas pertaining to gay marriage, feminism, climate change and freedom of speech to name a few.

These trendy activists have pretty much highjacked this once great party, alienating much of its traditional constituency: hardworking pragmatic types who just want a fair go for themselves and their families.

The battle for which of these groups ultimately controls Labor is hotting up. The recent attempt by traditionalist Simon Crean to get rid of Julia Gillard was an example of this. There will be more in coming months.

Wyatt's party has just received a drubbing in the WA state election. They are certain to be slaughtered in the upcoming federal election.

In the months after this inevitable massacre the battle between the traditionalists and the trendies will be decided. My guess is that the traditionalists will win. If that's the case it will be Wyatt and his politically correct ilk who will be proven to be truly behind the times.