One thing I really like about Perth is how spread out it is. Even though it's much more densely populated than in years gone by, there's still a lot of empty space. And pretty much every suburb contains a nice big park or three. There are quite a few lakes and swamps around the place, too. You can even find patches of land that are reminiscent of the country between suburbs that are quite close to the CBD and Fremantle.

The area near Dixon Park in Hamilton Hill is an example of this. It's just near the corner of Cockburn Road and Rockingham Road, so it's just a few minutes drive from the centre of Freo. To the west of the park proper there's a big empty space as well as a tree covered hill with a couple of trails running through it.

There's a big old house on the edge of this wooded area that looks like a farmstead. (You can just see it in the bottom left hand corner of the photo above.) A horse lives there. If you are travelling along Rockingham Road you can often see him wandering around his enclosure.

He's a friendly creature. When I went up to take some shots of him he even came and said hello.