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2013's top news stories suggest "Dullsville" tag still relevant

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, December 17, 2013,
Several years ago there was a front page story in the West Australian that caused a great deal of consternation here. The headline read "Dullsville" and as far as I can recall it described how this was the term used to describe Perth in a foreign travel publication. It then asked readers if the tag (which had long been used locally anyway) was still justified.

This story became a hot topic of conversation and spawned many an outraged call to local talk-back stations. How could anyone say that ...
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Shark-huggers up the ante in stoush over "cull"

Posted by Matt Hayden on Friday, December 13, 2013,
A coupla days ago one of the marine greenies who had vowed to protect sharks hinted at extreme action against fisherman hired to take out threatening noahs. Now the threats have been clarified. They are both funny and alarming, and reveal just how silly the green movement has become.

So enamoured with their toothy brethren are these dangerously naive numpties that they will now intentionally get in the way of professional shark-hunters in the manner of the harpoon dodging anti-whale crowd.

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Christmas-themed theft at Tuart Hill post office

Posted by Matt Hayden on Wednesday, December 11, 2013,
As I mentioned in a previous post, Christmas here in Perth always seems odd. We are bombarded with all this northern hemisphere winter imagery at the hottest time of the year. And a recent local event adds sinister absurdity to the general incongruity.

See, a bloke dressed as Santa Claus robbed the post office on Wanneroo Rd in Tuart Hill. It lends itself to humour, but it must have been anything but funny for the staff involved.

And I'm sure the cops who nabbed the alleged perpetrator weren'...
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Shark-huggers react predictably to "kill zone" strategy

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, December 10, 2013,
I'm really glad that the WA Government has finally decided to do something about the threat posed by sharks. As this article makes clear the proposed "kill zone" strategy is nowhere near a cull. It's actually a targeted approach.

Quite frankly I would have been much happier with a cull -- preferably one involving dynamite. But you can't have everything. The Government was under immense pressure to make a compromise and has done so. 

Well, good to know they are doing something proactive. Obvious...
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Dome cafes have reliable free wifi

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, December 10, 2013,
I get around Perth a lot, and there's nothing I like more than sitting in a nice cafe, logging onto the internet and updating my blogs, engaging on social media, or just reading the news. I do have a good wireless internet subscription (it's with Beagle Internet and I can recommend them without reservation). But since so many cafes offer free wifi now I figure I might as well use theirs from time to time. 

And now we're even more spoiled in this regard with the recent introduction of free wifi...
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