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Perth begins heat wave. Beaches packed, lifesavers busy!

Posted by Matt Hayden on Tuesday, January 24, 2012,
We're in the middle of summer, so it's hardly surprising that the temperature is soaring. There have been a few stinkers in Perth lately, some of them very humid indeed. And there was that thunderstorm not so long ago ...

But this week looks like it will really stand out for its sustained and intense heat. The Weather Bureau predicts it will be the hottest week for 47 years. If this does turn out to be accurate it will give some ammo to global warming believers, no doubt!

In any case, the beac...
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Murals at Shenton Park train station

Posted by Matt Hayden on Saturday, January 14, 2012,
Not unlike the Daglish station nearby, the railway station at Shenton Park is covered in many colourful murals. It seems that the ones now present are a second edition. (The first batch were painted back in 1998, but peeled away over the years.)

This photo shows the station from the western side.

Here's the view as you walk down the steps into the station.

The artwork on this side is generally train-related (appropriate considering the location!).

Then it becomes a pretty wacky and surreal sce...
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Mettams Pool closed after shark sighting

Posted by Matt Hayden on Friday, January 13, 2012,
If there's one thing that has stood out in local news reports recently it has to be the high number of shark sightings off Perth beaches. I have been back here a bit over a year and a half. But I'm pretty sure that there weren't nearly as many such stories at this time last year. And there were far fewer over the years 2006 and 2007, when I was living here. The numbers really do seem to have just shot up in the last year. This period could be dubbed Perth's Summer of the Shark!

The latest sigh...
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