Just when I thought that the deep green campaign to stop the West Australian "shark cull" couldn't get any sillier, the outraged nature boyz 'n' girlz waging it have outdone themselves with a deranged doco called Apex Harmony "The Shark Cull".

The title on its own is a hoot. Apex Harmony refers to Sea Shepherd's hilarious "shark defence" campaign. It's like "Shock and Awe" for big fat fish.

The site proudly proclaims that new merchandise will be out soon. Hey, don't these people detest capitalism, blaming it for all the Earth's woes? Hypocrisy much?

Well, I suppose if you're nutty enough to think that you can save the planet by cuddling up to white pointers you won't see any contradiction there ... 

Still on obvious ideological inconsistencies: I thought the green left was all about caring, sharing and equality. And don't they see humans as nothing more than animals; part of the same paradigm? So in that context isn't the term "apex harmony" a tad alarming? Sounds pretty elitist and totalitarian to me. These guys absolutely loathe the concept of a Pax Americana, but they're all for a hegemon of the deep ... WTF?

Clearly they're saying that we should protect sharks because they're marine apex predators, the Stalins and Hitlers of the ocean. Their selective and disturbing love for the scaly strongmen of the sea reveals something of their dreams for the human world, I reckon. Though of course they're always the first to deny this. But when they do, the greenies doth protest too much, methinks (or rather, meknows).  

The documentary itself is obviously your run of the mill moonbat movie. It's sure to be completely one-sided, hyperbolic and emotive as all get out. As this articles says, it's all about how "cruel and barbaric" the so-called "cull's" methods are. Well, they're pretty standard when it comes to fishing. If you happily chow down on a tuna sanger and demonstrate against the shark mitigation strategy you've got zero cred I'm afraid ... 

And why get all het up about claimed cruelty and barbarism to sharks, when there's plenty of undeniable cruelty and barbarism being committed right now by humans against others? Hey you Gaia-worshipping cuddle bunnies, if you're as compassionate and peace-loving as you claim, why aren't you far more outraged by the mass slaughter and decapitation of countless innocent men, women, and children by crazed Islamists in the Middle East?

Clearly, you don't have the self awareness to perceive the significance of that double standard. But everyone else can see that your bizarre priorities speak volumes about what's really going on inside your hearts, that's for sure. And while you have managed to dumb down an alarmingly high proportion of the population with your relentless propaganda, common sense will prevail over the long term. Just like your toothy mates flailing and gulping on the end of those drum lines, your creepily daft movement is gonna run out of oxygen eventually. 

Civilization. Don't you just hate it?