The shark wars seem to be hotting up again now. Sure, there haven't been any major demos like there were during the summer. But that has much to do with the fact that in winter there's so much less beach-going. And with related risks not on the public's radar so much, there's less media attention. And it's that attention that the demonstrators crave more than anything. 

Still, there has been an interesting call in which a talkback caller told the Premier the"gloves were off". He then contradicted himself later by promising there'd be no violence. 

Well, maybe this caller didn't threaten anyone. But someone certainly has, because a local hook supplier has pulled out of its contract with the Barnett Government. 

Such devious and cowardly tactics, and so typical of the Green left. They are understandable, though. If you don't have a strong, persuasive argument, you have no other alternative if you want to get your way.