Everyone in Perth will know the building located at 68 Milligan St. It's close to the heart of the CBD, and is right opposite where the old Perth Entertainment Centre used to be.

It's a low-slung, curved and oddly shaped building that looks as thought it was built fairly recently. But it's actually been there for a long while, at least 40 years I would say.

I'm certain of this because I can clearly remember when the top section housed a roller skating rink. I think it was a car park during the week for commuters, and then it was used for this purpose on the weekends to pull in extra money.

In any case I can clearly recall going there in about 1974 and learning how to skate. As well as the distinctive sound of the rolling wheels on concrete, the taste and smell of Cheezels comes to mind! Odd how those little things figure prominently in your memories ...