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Mark McGowan is showing his true colours

November 21, 2021
Premier Mark McGowan is showing his true totalitarian colours and the robodolts in the mainstream media can't spot them. Being controlled by the same globalist powers that he is, they continue to blindly repeat the massive lie that this insane campaign to jab everyone in the state is all about public health and safety. In doing so they are completely ignoring basic human rights to informed consent, among other things

For example, McGowan recently said that the growing resistance to his plan to get all West Aussies "vaccinated" actually hardens his resolve to make that happen. This makes it crystal clear that he's motivated by a deep desire for total control of citizens' behaviour. 

Isn't he supposed to be guided by science, not narcissistic emotions?

He's also openly alluded to violent force-injecting of the "vaccine hesitant".

"Apart from grabbing people holding them down and vaccinating them, there’s not much more we can do," he said.

That sounds like a veiled threat to me. Obviously it's meant to scare people. It's like an abusive husband saying: "Don't push your luck. Shut up and make me dinner now!"

If this doesn't work as a tactic to get compliance will he follow through on his threat? I wouldn't be surprised if he tries it on. As well as being a massive control freak his globalist handlers are clearly putting enormous pressure on him to deliver on the deal he made -- which included having a completely syringe-stuck population.

Many are saying that he could legally do this thanks to a law being put in place back in 2016 by the then Liberal Government. You've gotta ask why this change was made with such urgency back then. Was there any great pandemic threat looming at the time? Not that I recall. So, there's another data point that seems to confirm this was long planned. 

This recent cover of the West Australian proves that the MSM are just as owned and controlled as the pollies are. After massive rallies right across the nation, including in Perth, the paper is portraying anyone against jab mandates as being part of a tiny yet vocal minority.

But there is no way that these stats are accurate. All Australian state governments have been lying about testing and jabbing rates the whole time. 

If the figures are true, why are McGowan and others losing their cool so often, with the WA Premier himself hinting at force jabbing as described?

They are clearly desperate. And it's rational to conclude that this is because the numbers are far, far lower than they claim. 

It looks very much like they are terrified of what their controllers will do to them for not delivering on the deal they made, and were paid up front for. 

This editor doesn't understand the gravity of this situation. He should be calling out this obvious government propaganda, not obediently repeating it. In time, he could end up in serious trouble with McGowan himself.

In any case West Aussies are definitely waking up en masse and this is great to see. Of course violence is unacceptable. But giving a tyrant a piece of your mind is fine. And he's been getting a lot that lately.

Doubt he'll learn from this and change, though. Narcissists never do ... 

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Dominant narrative on death of Russell Woolf

October 30, 2021
What happened to Russell Woolf was very sad, obviously. But there's no denying that his death was very strange. It's quite reasonable to speculate about the possible cause. 

Not surprisingly the MSM are running the line that there was no way this had anything to do with him being double jabbed. Only a crazy conspiracy theorist would say such a thing!

Of course there may well have been another reason. But the event certainly did come out of the blue. And there have been many such sudden deaths a...
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Thoughts on Andrew Mallard's untimely death

April 26, 2019
I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Andrew Mallard recently. Apparently he was involved in a hit and run accident in Los Angeles, of all places.

Such a fate would be sad for anyone of course. But it's particularly tragic after what he went through. As detailed in this memoir by local journalist Colleen Egan, Mallard was framed for a murder he did not commit.

He spent years behind bars and would have remained there for many more were it not for a group of people including Egan...
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ADF reaction to Andrew Hastie's photo use was political, hypocritical

June 10, 2016
Like many I'm deeply disappointed by the decision to dump politician Andrew Hastie from the Army Reserve, simply because he had a photo of himself in uniform in campaign material and refused to remove it

Clearly, the rule about non-politicization of the army is being applied selectively. There have been many cases in which serving soldiers have worn the uniform in highly politicized contexts and they suffered no punishment. 

So Hastie's sin was not to be political. It was to be the wrong kind...
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Mandurah and Mindarie attacks likely to reignite Perth's shark wars

June 8, 2016
It wasn't a matter of if but when there would be another shark attack in West Australian waters. And now we've had two fatal ones in quick succession.

Not surprisingly there's pressure on the government to act. That's why they've placed baited drum lines off Perth's northern beaches to try and hook the noah responsible for the Mindarie attack.

It's a targeted action and seems like a pretty mild, almost symbolic response to what happened. But even this is seen as some sort of crime against natur...
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Fremantle is more like Sydney than Perth

May 17, 2016
Now living in Sydney and recalling my latest time in my home town of Perth, I keep thinking about key aspects of the two cities that give them their unique character.

Architectural history is a key point of difference. One thing you really notice in Sydney, particularly when you're close to the CBD is just how many old buildings there are. And it's not just landmarks and heritage sites. It's also the residences. The majority of occupied houses in suburbs like Stanmore, Newtown and Balmain are ...
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Perth's street art is far better than Sydney's

May 17, 2016
There are many huge differences between Perth and Sydney. Most are to be expected. Take film and TV production. Of course Sydney has more of this because of its far greater size, along with its proximity to other large population centres on the east coast. 

But there are some fields of creative endeavour in which Perth really punches above its weight, even leading its more populous counterparts on the other side of the country. Take street art.

In recent years numerous impressive murals have ap...
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The Fremantle War Memorial, overlooking the historic port city

May 14, 2016
I grew up in Perth and have been to Fremantle countless times, though I have never lived there. Although these two population centres are only about half an hour away from each other on the train, they are very different in character.

Fremantle is definitely more evocative of history than Perth. I think this has much to do with the fact that even though it was established at around the same time (1829) it's much smaller and less built up, so its many heritage listed buildings are more noticeab...
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Renting in Perth has become cheaper, for a while at least

May 14, 2016
I read with interest this story about the big surge in rental vacancies recently, and how this has lowered the average cost of renting in Perth.

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) figures show the number of properties available to rent in Perth is nearly three times above what is considered to be the long-term average.

The oversupply of available rentals is putting downward pressure on prices, with the median rent down to $395 per week for the three quarters to the end of March...

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Subiaco parking inspector subverts paradigm, risks feminist backlash

May 7, 2016
A little story about a gift left to a driver by parking inspector in Subiaco really caught my eye. See, a woman had paid for her ticket but the machine wasn't working, so she called the ranger to tell him. She rather snippily cut him off when he said he'd "leave her a little something on her windscreen". He was good to his word, and left her flowers and a charming poem. 

A couple of things stand out for me here. He definitely behaved in a way considered atypical for members of his profession. ...
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