Having recently moved to Mosman Park, I've been walking down to Cottesloe Beach in the afternoons lately. While wandering down that way at about 4.30 PM yesterday, I saw a police paddy wagon zoom north, sirens blazing, along Marmion St. At the time I thought it was probably heading to a pub in Cottesloe, or maybe Claremont, to deal with a drunken brawl. But I think it may have been attending to this criminal rampage.

Inspector Mal Anderson said the crime spree started about 4pm yesterday with eight reports of trespass, stealing and burglary in the Claremont and Cottesloe area.

He said a number of victims were threatened or assaulted by the trio, who were armed with knives.

I was listening to Geoff Hutchison's radio show earlier this morning. One caller was describing how his house had been attacked, and his wife reckoned that one of the perpetrators looked like he was no more than ten years old!

Another guy said he'd been attacked and they tried to run him over. He said that he knew some Noongar, and told them in that language that he was a "good white man". That seemed to calm them a little, he said.

The brazenness is astonishing. They clearly have no fear of the law whatsoever. Crimes like this -- and they happen depressingly frequently -- surely have something to do with this politically correct culture of racial separatism that has been dominant over the last several decades.