While I think that the Perth Arena itself is quite an impressive building I can't say I'm much of a fan of the robotic sculpture nearby known as "Totem".

While it is composed of tiles in much the same way as the building itself it doesn't seem to be an organic part of the whole structure. It's just sort of plonked there outside. I don't like that particular shade of yellow, either. While it does stand out against the blue and grey of the main structure the effect is not aesthetically pleasing.

I haven't seen it at night yet. But apparently it projects laser beams onto the side of the complex. So that must be quite an impressive sight.

Its other main feature is that the panels move automatically in response to any motion nearby. You can see this occurring in the video below.

Clearly a lot of time, energy, and ingenuity has gone into the construction of this work and that's admirable. But I'm really not sure what it's meant to symbolize or achieve, and I suspect a lot of other people feel the same way.

I know that most arty types would consider this vagueness a great asset. They love ambiguity, and consider it a vital ingredient in any piece of contemporary art. But I'm much more old-fashioned I'm afraid.

Here's a shot of it with a bike rider in view so you can get an idea of its size.

And here's a close-up of the tiles that move according to nearby motion.