Having recently moved to Mosman Park from Yokine, I've been having the occasional stroll through the streets to get a feel for the suburb. It's a unique place and a bit of a mishmash demographically.

It's just on the eastern side of the busy Stirling Highway, which runs right alongside the railway line. On the other side of that is the very upmarket Cottesloe. But right near the train station there's a basin containing a whole plethora of apartment blocks, a couple of which are very tall indeed.

Not sure if any of these are Homeswest buildings, but if not there are certainly many that are at the bottom end of the private rental market. So at the risk of sounding like a bit of snob, there are a few bogans about and you do witness some antisocial behaviour.

The rest of Mosman Park, on the other hand, is definitely comfortable if not overwhelmingly upper middle class. Then down near the river you've got some very rich people living in palatial mansions.

Anyway, nestled between the suburb's upmarket and downmarket sections is the Mosman Park Memorial Hall. It's a charming art deco building that was built way back in the 1920s. It seems to be a very active place, with lots of community and arts activities on offer. In the walled garden adjacent to the building is the Camelot Outdoor Cinema.

I was very surprised to discover this little cultural hub, because right up until the day I walked past I never even knew it existed!