Terrace Road is right near the centre of the CBD, just near the Perth Concert Hall and the Duxton Hotel. There are several old apartment blocks on that road that have a great view of the Swan River and South Perth. They've been significantly refurbished in recent years.

I've wandered down that road a few times now and it always brings back fond memories of my childhood. Back in the seventies, after my parents separated, my father moved into one of these flats. My sister and I would stay there from time to time.

Needless to say the whole area was much less developed than it is today. And there was empty space between the Terrace Road buildings and those on Adelaide Terrace. There was even a steep little hill just behind the my father's block that was lush with vegetation including bamboo! It was almost like a mini-jungle. There was so much slippery grass that you could actually slide down the hill, which was something my sister and I took turns doing.

The photo included here shows one of the nearby apartment blocks. As you can see the area behind it is completely built up. That little hill is obviously long gone. But it's still quite comforting to know that the blocks remain.