I always find it amusing how Hollywood celebrities are attracted to green-left causes. Their motives are so transparent. They clearly have no sincere belief in them. They are just trying to latch on to the feel-good factor, gain some extra publicity and thereby bolster their careers.

Perhaps more amusing is how the green-left activists themselves are so enamoured of these vain airheads. They fawn over them like schoolgirls over Justin Bieber.

 So odd. Aren't these brave crusaders for nature and man engaged in something far more serious than celebs are -- you know, like "saving the planet"? 

The latest famous twit to illustrate this funny phenomenon is Shannen Doherty. She's here in Perth to do her bit for the pro-noah activism of Sea Shepherd Australia

Love the photo of the ageing bimbo with the merry band of sea dogs. Also love their kit, and its insignia that includes a skull against a black background. Apt of course, since they are pirates who hate humanity. Also, its spookily reminiscent of the one displayed by members of the outlaw motorcycle club the Gypsy Jokers

I think if they knew, the nature loving shark huggers would be appalled at such a similarity. Not because of the bikies' reputation for being involved in organized crime, mind. That could be seen as a protest against capitalism. No, I'm thinking of the Jokers' penchant for guzzling such huge amounts of fossil fuels ...