Back in the mid eighties there was a very popular nightclub in Northbridge called the Red Parrot. It really was the place to be seen for quite some time.

I was only in my early twenties back then, so the whole concept of clubbing was alluring to me and I went a few times. One time, I vaguely recall there being a lot of excitement about the members of the band Duran Duran arriving after the show. I think I actually saw one of them slouched against the bar -- although of course it could have been just another one of the many tragic wannabes and lookalikes who frequented the joint!

Anyway, the Red Parrot lost its allure eventually and closed down, as nightclubs tend to do. (Incidentally, the massive Metro City Concert Club is just nearby.) I'm not sure how the building was used subsequently but it now houses the Street Gallery #1, which is affiliated with Artrage.

In this blog post about a recording made about the club there's a photo of the corner of the building, just where Roe and Milligan streets meet. Below you can see the same section from a different angle.