If you enjoy the performing arts and have lived in this city for several decades at least, then you'll remember the old Hole in the Wall Theatre in Southport St, West Leederville. That was its home from 1968 until 1984.

I saw several productions there when I was a kid including Long Day's Journey Into Night (written by Eugene O'Neill) way back in 1977. I still recall it vividly and can even remember the name of the woman playing the lead. She was an accomplished local actress called Maggie Anketell.

I have walked down this street several times recently, trying to identify the actual building in which it was housed. Last time I was there I took the shot below.

I wasn't sure of its exact street number, and none of the buildings really stood out as being the one. But I've just done some Googling and this page says it was in number eight. That is now the home of The Parent's Paper. You can just see it in the photo below between the bigger shop selling musical instruments and the newish, two storey building further down the street.

I'll have another look next time I'm there and get another closer shot.