You'll notice that I haven't posted for many months now. There are several reasons for this. But the main one is that I actually relocated to Sydney in recent months. I moved for various reasons I won't go into here. But I will probably return eventually (then leave again after a few years!). I have done this several times already. Having grown up in Perth it's still "home" even though I have to get away from it from time to time...

After getting settled in the east I didn't know what to do with this blog, so I just decided to leave it up on the web. I figured that I would just resume writing posts if and when I eventually returned. 

But now that I've been back in Sydney for a while, I find I keep thinking about Perth. I'm not anywhere near the point of wanting to return yet again. I'm still trying to "digest" the last few years I was there. So I think about it a lot and keep an eye on the media for what's going on in the west. Not surprisingly I'm seeing the city from a different perspective to the one I had while living there. 

I've recently come to the conclusion that this is a worthwhile angle to pursue in this blog. I can write posts about the similarities and differences between the two cities, for example. Or I can just post observations about Perth that readers may still find interesting. Hell, having spent decades in the place I've certainly accumulated a lot of them!

The main drawback from being over here is that I'll no longer be able to take photos of the place to complement posts. But I can link to ones taken by others if need be -- as well as embedding YouTube videos. 

So I will start adding updates again before long. I hope you enjoy reading them wherever you are.