A few days ago I was in the commercial hub of Innaloo, where the Westfield Shopping Centre is. Whenever I'm in that area my mind goes straight back to the seventies. My dad would take me and my sister down to Scarborough and Trigg beaches on the weekends. And after hours of swimming and surfing, we'd often drop in for a feed at the Hungry Jack's there -- which still remains by the way.

Every now and then we'd go to the miniature golf course nearby known as Putt Putt. As I recall it, this was just near what is now the corner of Ellen Stirling Boulevard and Scarborough Beach Road. It had an almost surreal vibe and I can remember the synthetic lawn shown in the photo below like it was yesterday. 
Of course it was demolished long ago. And there's absolutely no evidence that it was even there. I think Ellen Stirling Boulevard itself takes up some of the old site. And there's just some unused land, what looks like a small power station and a little reservoir behind the start of the Osborne Park industrial area. There's also this sign.