Reading the West Australian yesterday I noticed a little item about Neil Armstrong's visit to Perth back in October 1969 as part of his world tour.

That certainly took me back. I came here as a bub in 1967. And I do recall this event very clearly.

Not sure if I went as part of a school group (I was at Kingsley Montessori at the time, in the kindergarten there), or with my family. I think it was probably the former.

I don't recall seeing Armstrong at all. But I do have a very strong recollection of heading down Brearley Avenue towards the airport. The traffic was moving very slowly and there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people on the side of the road, eagerly awaiting the great man's arrival. I was only five years old at the time, but I certainly had a strong sense of the importance of this occasion.

These photos of the visit look very old indeed (and I suppose they are!). Back then, Australia was a very different place in just about every way you could imagine. Such long lost memories really make me wonder how I got this far, to be honest.