Labor really are in dire straits. They have completely lost their way. Federally all they seem able to do is get offended and make false accusations of bigotry -- sexism, mostly. Often it's their leader Bill Shorten doing most of the blustering. So funny considering what scumbags most leftie men are to women. They talk the PC talk, alright. But they sure as hell don't walk the walk. Hell, they don't even crawl the walk most of the time ... 

Shorten's latest display of, er, right-on chivalry came in response to Mathias Cormann's "economic girlie man" jibe. The fact that Shorten has immediately gone the PC sulk and accused Cormann of sexism proves that "girlie man" was an apt description of him.

Also, Ed Husic looks like a total goose by condemning name calling then doing exactly that by likening Cormann to "The Terminator". And he didn't even do that directly. Just snidely made the attack by alluding to others using the term. So gutless and petty, and so typical of Labor.

Not to be outdone on the confected outrage front by her federal leader, local Labor MP Alanna Clohesy has taken offence at the fact that some portraits of trailblazing women pollies have been placed near the men's dunnies in Parliament House.

Gawd, they've got to be put somewhere ... Any portraits of male pollies near the women's dunnies, I wonder? I'm sure there are somewhere in Australia's political buildings. If so, will the blokes take offence? Doubt it. They've got more important things to do -- er, unless they're in Labor or the Greens of course, where pathetic PC whining is all the rage. (Actually if such a situation were to be discovered the leftie chicks would probably find that to be some sort of violation of all women as well ...)

The pinko pique is also kind of ironic when you consider that Labor feminists are forever bleating about how they are kept out of the boys club. Many have a silly notion that important decisions are made between powerful men in urinals, a place that is off limits to women by definition. I've often heard this daffy notion expressed -- most memorably by that purple haired purported "people power" proponent Moira Rayner.

So you'd think they'd be happy at having those portraits placed near these amenities, wouldn't you? Sure, it's only a symbolic step towards equality. But symbolism, rather than effective and realistic policy, is what Labor values most of all, isn't it? 

But no. They're indignant as usual. Really, there's just no pleasing some people ...