The irrationality of those who are against the shark cull is quite something. Sure, it's not that surprising coming from hard core greenies. They live in a world of emotionalism, after all. But every now and then you hear about deranged utterances from people you thought would know better. 

Take Kelly Slater, for example. The world champion surfer has actually gone on record saying that he'd be honoured to be eaten by a noah.

That's not just a case of jumping the shark. That's humping it as well! 

Obviously he doesn't really mean it. If he did actually find himself with his legs inside a white pointer's mouth I doubt he'd go willingly. With apologies to Dylan Thomas, he would not go gentle into that shark bite! 

Nope, he'd be kicking and screaming like nobody's business. And I'm sure his distraught family, friends and fans -- as well as his sponsors for that matter -- would not be remotely honoured either. Nor would his fellow surfers -- no matter how sincerely they professed to be against the cull beforehand. 

So, you've gotta wonder why Slater would say something so foolish. Well, I think it goes back to what Andrew Bolt describes as the elevation of seeming over doing. There's a great deal of pressure on people to make these po-faced pronouncements about the environment. They gain heaps of social cool points if they do, too.

This always happens when hyper-emotional, sanctimonious lefties get their creepy claws into people's minds. That's what I find a bit alarming about Slater's quote. I mean, the pro surfing circuit hardly seems like it would be a stronghold of left-wing, right-on, deep-green "thinking". It's actually a highly competitive, elitist meritocracy -- as well as being pro-capitalist.

Still, shark huggers have managed to influence this guy to this degree. You've gotta hand it to those greenies. They never give up, do they?