Controversial Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne has just had his Twitter account suspended for a third and final time. Considering how much content actually gets let through, this says a lot.

And this isn't the only restriction placed on his freedom

Self-proclaimed Islamic sheik Junaid Thorne and two of his associates have been banned from applying for passports and travelling overseas.

Thorne, Mostafa Shiddiquzzaman and Omer Abdirahman Issak appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday, accused of using fake identification for domestic flights.

Along with the case of student Muhammed Sheglabo this confirms that Islamism is deeply entrenched in this country, and not just in hotbeds of radicalism like Lakemba in NSW. (Thorne does now reside in that state. But he no doubt commands a lot of respect from impressionable followers here in Perth.)

The ongoing influence that Thorne and others like him have over numerous young men and a few women right across Australia is definitely something to be seriously concerned about, in my opinion.