As I've mentioned previously on this blog there are many locations around Perth that have been so completely transformed in recent years that they bear little or no resemblance to what I remember from my childhood. But there are a few places and buildings that have hardly changed at all.

One of these is the little deli situated on William St, just opposite Hyde Park.

I used to wait at the stop on the edge of the park for the school bus out to Kingsley Montessori every morning for years, after having caught the 53 from my home in Lennard St Dianella (a route that no longer exists). And I'd sit at the same bus stop to get the 53 going back in the afternoon.

Unlike today, there was no shelter back then. But the bus stop was in pretty much the same position.

If I go there now, I can remember those days as if they were yesterday. And there's one particular morning that I'll never forget. That was November 12, 1975, the day after Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was dismissed.

Nowadays the West Australian is the only major daily. And you can see it prominently advertised on the building itself.

But back in those days there was another paper called the Daily News as well.

Now, I'm not sure which of these displayed the memorable headline "Whitlam sacked!". But I remember seeing it very clearly that morning on the paper in the stand out the front of the Hyde Park Deli, just where this little sign is now.

I was only eleven at the time and hadn't the slightest clue about politics. But I knew something truly momentous had happened. It's really etched into my memory.

So vivid is my recollection that I can even remember what I was wearing. (I had a daggy pair of white denim shorts and a brown terry toweling T-shirt on.)

That was thirty seven years ago! Hard to believe when I visit the place now.