Stirling Highway narrows considerably as it goes through the suburb of Mosman Park, making that stretch quite dangerous for motorists. It's also risky for pedestrians because not only is there a high concentration of vehicles whizzing past but the footpaths are very narrow as well.

There's a very real reminder of the severity of this danger in the form of a makeshift cross on the corner of Glyde St, presumably left to mark the site of a roadside fatality.

About a week ago a dead possum appeared nearby. Now, this could have been someone's idea of a joke. But I doubt it. Mosman Park is one of the leafier suburbs of Perth and there are quite a few trees near this particular intersection. So I think that the poor creature was probably a local, and met the same fate as the human named Ricky remembered by the makeshift grave site.

In any case it was quite a sad and grimly ironic scene while it lasted.