The manner in which the state government has refunded the cost of the repealed carbon tax to users of public transport seems to have been met with a range of reactions. But I have to say it's fine by me. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I didn't have to pay a cent to go anywhere I wanted to yesterday.

And I was greeted with another pleasant surprise today: My all day ticket went down from $12.10 to $11.80. Not a huge plunge, but that will add up over time. I get around Perth a lot on trains and buses, and usually buy 5 or 6 of these each week, so it will mean a reduction of about 70 bucks a year. Obviously not much money in itself. And I'll hardly notice it. 

But it's just from one kind of ticket, remember! And that's got me thinking about how much the carbon tax must have meant for other services and industries. Clearly, it was a massive burden. So all that talk from Labor about it not impacting the economy was complete garbage. It was a huge cost that had no impact on the climate whatsoever. It was the definitive waste of taxpayers' money. 

Really, Labor should realize that they have lost this battle completely and move on. People just won't put up with this kind of scam again. But odds are they'll still try it on next time. Sadly, Labor just never learn!