Something I've posted about repeatedly on this blog is the alarming increase in the amount of violence that is committed in this city. Of course I've read or heard about it much more than I've actually witnessed it.

But I did observe a disturbing incident yesterday afternoon in Fremantle. At around 5 PM I started walking up Wray Avenue from South Terrace and I heard yelling from up the street. I saw some blokes beating up one guy near the Hampton Road intersection. He managed to escape and run into a block of villas. One of the attackers chased him, and two others walked off. Hopefully the victim got away without serious injuries.

Soon afterwards I phoned the cops and they said that someone had already notified them, which was good to know. (I suspect the call had come from someone driving past.)

I've just browsed the online editions of Perth newspapers to see if there was any mention of this incident. I can't find any. So I assume he got away comparatively unscathed.

It wasn't a major act of violence. But it was still disturbing to see -- made more so by the fact that it occurred in daylight on such a pretty street in a laid back suburb.