A thought on the ATM explosions that have been occurring of late: Such events are happening with increasing frequency. They often occur in twos, sometimes within hours.

This is reminiscent of the ram raiding of pharmacies. In these smash and grab robberies, thieves steal as much cold and flu medication as possible for use in making meth, a drug that's having a really bad effect on many people in this city. (When I was living in Yokine, there was an occasion in which three of them were hit. They were at Dog Swamp, Maylands and Dianella, if I recall correctly. Almost certainly these acts were committed by the same people.)

And just as the ram raids are committed to supply drug dealers, there's sure to be a strong association to the drug trade in these ATM robberies.

As the cops keep saying, the ATM explosions are violent and dangerous. And it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed. (One of the perpetrators had a very lucky escape the last time. Security footage showed him catching fire.)

Then there are the clandestine drug lab explosions that occur with monotonous regularity. It's simply amazing that none of these have yet taken a life in WA.

Hell, with all these pharmacies being ram raided and explosions occurring, Perth is starting to seem almost like a mini-war zone!

None of this was happening when I was growing up -- or even ten years ago as far as I can recall.