Because of a little lead generation business I have I really get around the suburbs of Perth a lot. In these journeys I often find little shops and streets that are really quite evocative.

For some reason it's the milk bars and tuck shops that really do it for me. I think this has something to do with my memories of growing up in Dianella in the seventies and going to the corner store and Dianella Plaza, which was like an awesome wonderland to me then, but much smaller and less crowded than it is now. 

There aren't many such little outlets around these days, since people do most of their shopping at those huge Westfield centres, which are kind of like little cities in their own right. But you do find some in the suburbs, like the deli in Arkana Rd, Westminster. 

Because of its location right near the highway and its run down surroundings, it's got a slightly bleak feel to it. But that's what makes it more appealing and evocative as far as I'm concerned.